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Vox Rea

Pop / Folk

Vox Rea 1200x600.png

Thursday, August 1

Photo: Lon Gross

(7-Piece Band)


Vox Rea (coming to Hornby as a 7-piece band) features Kate Kurdyak (lead vocals/piano/guitar/violin) and Lauren Kurdyak (vocals/piano/percussion). The two sisters released their debut album, To Bring You My Heart, in 2017 under the name “The Katherines.” The album garnered over a million spins on Spotify. Their songs were featured on TV shows Orphan Black, Reboot, and The Order. The album attracted media attention from Vice, MTV, the Vancouver Sun and the National Post. After a hiatus to study philosophy in the mountains, the band resurfaced under the moniker, Vox Rea, in the fall of 2020. The new name’s intentional ambiguity allowed for an identity beyond the stereotype of being labelled a “girl-band” and represents the reclamation of their creative control. Hell bent on creating a meaningful life amidst the siren songs of consumerism and efficiency, Vox Rea believes in the revolutionary power of art. The band’s special brand of noir pop blends string arrangements and harmonies into the dreamy collection of songs on their self-titled debut. Their single “Damn (Unstuck)” was featured on the cover of Folk & Friends and made Spotify’s Top Folk Songs of 2021. Vox Rea has played in music festivals across North America including Reeperbahn, Treefort Music Fest, Laketown Shakedown and Capitol Hill Block Party.



Come down to stunning Rosemuir Farm for the launch of the 2024 Hornby Festival. This year the Festival opens from the Mainstage with a Traditional Pentlatch Welcome Ceremony with Elder Barb Whyte (Billy), Pentlatch knowledge keeper and member of the K’ómoks Nation.

“The project's comprehensive aesthetic is very Through the Looking-Glass; the kind of brooding, cinematic lushness that might start crackling out of an antique radio or relinquish a forest nymph from several lifetimes trapped inside a haunted jewellery box.” - EXCLAIM!



Art In Unusual Place at Grassy Point

2 PM - Thursday, Aug. 1

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