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Leeroy Stagger

Leeroy Stagger


Friday, July 29, 2022

Rosemuir Farm

Doors 7:00


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An alternative country singer/songwriter, Leeroy Stagger pens songs dealing with life's challenges and questions that are literate but down to earth. As befits an artist who got his start in punk rock touring with bands such as Hot Hot Heat, Stagger's early albums had a scrappy sound that emphasized the rock part of roots rock. But his songs became more thoughtful with time, and he developed a smoother, more country-influenced style. His music has appeared in popular TV series Grey's Anatomy, giving him major exposure in both Canada and the United States. This was followed by a series of critical and commercial breakthroughs. A prolific artist, Stagger has released new music every couple of years for over a decade on labels such as Rebel Tone, Megaforce, Gold Lake Records and True North. Leeroy will come to Hornby as a five-piece band and will share his high energy roots rock love with stories that connect us to each other and a groove that will keep you moving and inspired.


"A little Steve Earle, a little John Prine, a little Bruce Springsteen and whole lot of his own heart and soul make up Canadian alt / country / folk / rock minstrel Leeroy Stagger’s music."

- Cash Box Canada (Dream It All Away)

“There are few people you feel you get to know through their music more than Stagger.”

The Calgary Herald (Dream It All Away)

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