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Friday and Saturday, August 5 & 6

Hornby Community Hall

Doors 7:30 PM



Internationally acclaimed soloist and chamber musician, Kai Gleusteen, is founder of Kaimerata Concerts. His words:  "I created the concept of Kaimerata Concerts in 2011 in response to a personal need to share my passion for chamber music with the residents of the city in which I live (Barcelona).  After a few successful seasons in Barcelona, my next wish was to bring it to my idyllic summer residence:  Denman Island!  Now, eight seasons later, we are delighted to bring it to Hornby Island!  Each season offers a series of performances of masterpieces of a specific composer, allowing the audience to gently acquaint themselves and deepen their understanding of the composer and his entourage.  I offer explanations and have the musicians demonstrate a few elements on which the works are built in a friendly, non-intellectual manner.


In past seasons, Kaimerata Concerts has visited Brahms, Britten, Mozart, Ravel, Mendelssohn, Schubert and many more.  This year is a 'Tchaikovsky and compatriots' year.  Like the artists and authors of his time, the music is intense and very emotional.  Emotions are deep and strong.  It is as much a voyage for the performers as it is for the audience, immersing themselves in the music of the chosen performer during the whole process of preparation and performances.  The intention is that the main protagonist is the composer and the audiences as well as the performers will leave the concerts wanting to know more.  "The more you know, the more you love" is our motto, and it works on us every year!"

Friday program


Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata


Shostakovich Quartet no. 8




Tchaikovsky Quartet no.3


(including Sharon Stanis)


Saturday program


Excerpts from Shostakovich Preludes and Glière Duos


Schnittke String Trio




Tchaikovsky Piano Trio

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