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Hornby Festival Volunteer Information & Policy

Please read the Hornby Festival Volunteer Policy information below then download our Volunteer Application Form, print it and fill it out and mail it to the address on the form.

If you want to get involved with the Hornby Festival, volunteering is a fantastic way to do so! It is also a great way to experience a variety of performances and can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Volunteers are the mainstays of this festival... without their dedication and effort, we could not put the Festival on each year.

WHAT CAN I VOLUNTEER FOR? There's a variety of jobs waiting for you. We need volunteers for parking supervision, front of house, supervising spot performances, clean-up crew, and setting up and tearing down. Most volunteer jobs do not require specialized skills (with a few exceptions). Please contact the Festival office for more information on positions available.

The Hornby Festival agrees to the following understanding with volunteers:

  • Volunteers are essential to the purpose and programming of the Festival.

  • Volunteers will work in an environment where they feel valued and appreciated, and receive respectful treatment.

  • Volunteers must work a minimum of 2 shifts.

  • Volunteers will take the commitment seriously, as the team depends on all workers being available as scheduled. You will be given all the information you need to allow you to make a firm commitment up-front.

  • Volunteers are required to fill in an application form and return one copy to the Festival Administrative Office.

  • The service of any volunteer is accepted at the discretion of the organization.

  • Volunteers will have free entry for the Festival performance their shift services.

  • If the volunteer shift is not related to one particular show, volunteers may recoup one Festival ticket for a Rosemuir Farm evening event for every shift or for every 4 hours of work. These tickets must be booked through the Festival office and are subject to availability.

  • As parking/security volunteers are expected to be working throughout their shift and will not be able to see the show they are volunteering for, they will get tickets to a farm show other than the one they are working.

  • Volunteers are invited to the "wrap party" without charge, and may bring one partner or spouse. (Date to be announced.)

  • As the spot appearance - Art in Unusual Places - volunteer shifts are so short, volunteers will be required to work two of these shifts for one Festival ticket.

  • Evening cleanup volunteers who have a truck and are willing to remove the garbage from site and deliver it to the Recycling Depot the next day will receive an extra farm ticket.

The Volunteer agrees to the following understanding with the Hornby Festival:

  • I will complete my Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory way: I will show up on time, stay the required duration, wear a volunteer tag while on shift, refrain from drinking and smoking while on shift.

  • Should unavoidable scheduling difficulties arise, I will discuss scheduling problems with the Volunteer Coordinator as far in advance of my shift as possible.

  • I will work cooperatively with the Festival's volunteer Board of Directors and staff, who put in many volunteer hours themselves.

  • I will be friendly, helpful and professional at all times during my shifts, and respectful with other volunteers, staff, performers, and patrons of the Festival.

  • I understand the policies and procedures of the Festival as written here.

Note: A volunteer will ordinarily be a person 14 years old or older

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